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Ebony Little

Ebony Little is an avid reader turn fiction romance author, but Ebony’s love for the written word started long before she began penning her first publication. Ebony has been writing poems and short stories since middle school. She is a single motherto four childrHaving been raised in Columbus, Ohio, Ebony is a natural-born Buckeye.


Although Ebony had always dreamed of becoming a published author, after having children, she felt it was best to put down the pen so that she could attend school and pursue a career that provided a guaranteed paycheck to support her family.


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Coming Soon

Longing For Moore Novel

by Ebony Little

Moore than you expected!

Moore Monroe is a young designer who has everything she wants. She is a fashion mogul competing with the likes of Gucci and Valentino. Moore survived an abusive relationship and has chosen to forget that nightmare and move on to living her dreams. Her empire in the making, Moore Raw Designs Inc., has her full attention.


Running a successful business is Moore’s lover and husband. Although her close friends and family have encouraged her to date, she isn’t searching for love. 


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