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Longing For Moore Novel by

Ebony Little

Moore than you expected!

Moore Monroe is a young designer who has everything she wants. She is a fashion mogul competing with the likes of Gucci and Valentino. Moore survived an abusive relationship and has chosen to forget that nightmare and move on to living her dreams. Her empire in the making, Moore Raw Designs Inc., has her full attention.


Running a successful business is Moore’s lover and husband. Although her close friends and family have encouraged her to date, she isn’t searching for love. 


When Moore meets Malcolm, he immediately gains her attention. The energy between the two of them scares her. But with the help of her close friends, Moore decides to give Malcolm a chance, and if love wants to tag along, so be it.


Just as Moore is getting to know Malcolm, her abusive ex-boyfriend—who she thought she left in her past—reenters her life. How can she get rid of him for good this time without interrupting what she has with Malcolm?

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