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About Ebony Little

Ebony Little is an avid reader turn fiction romance author, but Ebony’s love for the written word started long before she began penning her first publication. Ebony has been writing poems and short stories since middle school. She is a single mother of four children and eight fish (realizing that dogs and cats weren’t for her little family). Having been raised in Columbus, Ohio, Ebony is a natural-born Buckeye.


Although Ebony had always dreamed of becoming a published author, after having children, she felt it was best to put down the pen so that she could attend school and pursue a career that provided a guaranteed paycheck to support her family.


Ebony graduated on the Dean’s List at Kaplan College, having studied to become a Medical Assistant. She later started school for nursing before deciding that the medical field was not necessarily her ideal career. So, just like she’d done many years prior to writing, she gave that up as well.

Always having had an entrepreneurial spirit, Ebony tried different ways to make money, including selling Avon and Kirby vacuum cleaners. In 2018, she finally settled on becoming a travel agent, aka Experience Specialist. It was when one of Ebony’s


colleagues introduced her to their aunt, who happened to be an author and founder of a book club based in Columbus, Ohio, that Ebony took an interest in writing again. Reaching out to her colleague’s aunt resulted in Ebony joining the local book club, which led to attending weekly writing workshops, where she began penning her first novel, Longing for Moore.


Determined to complete the writing and publishing of her debut novel, Ebony persevered, even when the dream of becoming a published author seemed unreachable. It was no easy task juggling a family, a full-time job, and learning the business of writing and publishing.


Ebony continued mapping out not only her book but her publishing and marketing path as well. In addition to being a member of the book club and attending weekly writing workshops, Ebony also invested in attending writer’s conferences, webinars, and other workshops to help her learn as much about writing as possible; both the craft and the business.


After losing a close family member to drugs, Ebony went on a mission to help other young women, starting at the age of her youngest daughter, (which was eight years old), learn how to love themselves. She signed on with a local non-profit organization to mentor young, African American women. 


Ebony uses not only the information she has gained from the many workshops and conferences she has attended, but she’s using both her personal life experiences and what she’s learned from her volunteer efforts to craft stories with messages to help empower and build confidence and courage in the individuals that read her work.

Ebony is currently working toward completing several literary projects and business concepts she has in her arsenal and on her “To-Do” list. Although Ebony still resides in Columbus, Ohio, she enjoys traveling and creating experiences across the map. Hence, why she became an Experience Specialist. But as of late, the South has been tugging on her spirit to make it her home. For now, though, Ebony is content being wherever her children are, and visiting her readers along her travels.


You can find Ebony on social media under her name, Ebony Little, or on Instagram under the name ebony-p-little.

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